The VIQTOR DAVIS Data Academy is developing the next generation of data professionals

by Lewis Hudson on 1st March 2019

At VIQTOR DAVIS we believe in seeking out and nurturing talent. We’re always on the lookout for ambitious individuals who want to develop a career in data. With that in mind, we are delighted to welcome the first UK members of our Data Academy, starting their training in our Kent offices today. They join alongside the third successful Netherlands Academy intake.

What is the Data Academy?

The VIQTOR DAVIS UK Data Academy is a two-year training programme built around our market-leading Crossing the Data Delta methodology. The aim is to enable school leavers and graduates to develop all the skills they need, both technical and broader business-focused, for a successful career in the data domain.

During the first three months of the programme the focus is on formal training to help academy members develop their business, analytical and technical skills. They’ll learn about a wide range of enterprise information management disciplines including master data management, data quality, business intelligence and data governance. They’ll also develop a range of technical skills such as Java, web technologies and database skills such as T-SQL.

However, it’s not just about the technical skills. Members of the Data Academy will also learn how all aspects of the business operate, from business analysis, finance and infrastructure through to managed services, consultancy and delivery services.

As the programme progresses they’ll have the opportunity to deploy all these skills on real life projects, working with industry leading clients both in the UK and abroad. Our focus is on helping academy members to gain practical project delivery experience using products from leading vendors such as IBM, Informatica, Semarchy and Orchestra Networks, with the opportunity to focus on specific areas that support their career and personal development..

Why data?

At VIQTOR DAVIS we firmly believe that data is the most important strategic asset that most businesses have. As technology develops, data becomes more and more vital to almost every business. It’s a fast growing market with many opportunities for building a varied, challenging and stimulating career.

At VIQTOR DAVIS we work with a diverse range of clients in different industries and sectors, from blue chip FTSE500 brands, service providers and manufacturers through to charities, public sector organisations and governments. What all our clients share is an understanding that they need to make better use of their data. Our aim is to pro-actively develop our talent pool by recruiting and training more people who can help our customers realise the value of their data assets.

How will members of the Data Academy benefit?

This isn’t an internship. Members of the VIQTOR DAVIS Data Academy benefit from a competitive salary and will be employed in a permanent position from day one. Over the two years of the Data Academy programme our aim is to help them develop into well-rounded enterprise information management experts with the skills they need to operate successfully in what is a growing industry. . They’ll be working side by side with our experienced consultants and learning from them through ongoing coaching and mentoring throughout the programme. All their training will be delivered by industry experts with years of practical, real world experience, many of whom are acknowledged as leaders in the industry.

Who do we look for?

Ultimately, we are looking for candidates from all walks of life, who enjoy learning new things, seeking out new challenges and who are passionate about the evolution of technology.

There’s no better way to build a career in data than with the VIQTOR DAVIS Data Academy.

Our current intake of the Data Academy is full but keep an eye on our website for opportunities to apply in both the UK and Netherlands.

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