Data Changemakers: Colin Shearer, pioneer and thought-leader in advanced analytics

by Steve Parry on 07 August, 2018

Colin Shearer has been a pioneer and thought leader in advanced analytics for over 25 years. His experience ranges from successful start-ups and the creation of market-leading tools and technology, to worldwide executive roles with the largest vendors. Today, he provides advice and assistance to end-user organisations and to vendors,...

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Data Changemakers: Ido Biger, Chief Data Officer, Yes TV

by Guy Bradshaw on 19 July, 2018

Ido Biger is the Chief Data Officer at yesTV – Israel’s only provider of multi-channel television broadcasts via satellite. Ido is responsible for making yes television a leading data driven organization. He manages 25 Data engineers; the business analysis units and the data science team in the company. Ido reports to the CIO ...

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IBM Master Data Management Express – your top six questions answered

by Matt Nixon on 10 July, 2018

 Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video. In this article one of our lead technical consultants, Matt Nixon, provides the “least you should know” information about the IBM MDM Express solution and a 4 minute video overview: What is IBM Master Data Management Express? According to IBM’s website:...

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Five challenges that most data management projects face

by Guy Bradshaw on 30 May, 2018

Most organisations nowadays know that they could be doing more with their data, and for many GDPR has provided the impetus to finally get on and actually do it.  Compliance projects are a great opportunity to think about the data you hold, how you collect it and how you...

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Data Changemakers: Ross Simson, Managing Director, Insight Republic

by Steve Parry on 03 May, 2018

Ross Simson has been Managing Director of a private consultancy for the last 15 years acting as a business consultant & interim director, with a wealth of experience across multiple industry sectors.  He specialises in a number of interconnected areas including sales and sales force automation (Telecoms), marketing and product...

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Data Changemakers: Rachael Tiffen, Senior Manager, Grant Thornton

by Guy Bradshaw on 24 April, 2018

Rachael Tiffen is Senior Manager (Financial Crime & Fraud -public and corporate) at Grant Thornton UK LLP. She is  responsible for several national strategies for tackling fraud in the public sector won the Stella Walsh Award 2017 for long term commitment to preventing fraud. Please describe a little about your...

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Mastering Big Data – An IBM Approach (Part 2)

by Clive Warwick on 28 February, 2018

Introducing IBM’s Probabilistic Matching Engine In my last post, I discussed the issues that are typically faced when trying to apply data matching techniques to big data.  This post focuses on the IBM Probabilistic Matching Engine (PME), an essential component of IBM’s Big Match product that make it a...

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Data Changemakers: Lorraine Fernandes, Principal, Fernandes Healthcare Insights

by Steve Parry on 20 February, 2018

Lorraine Fernandes has 30+ years health information management (HIM) experience as a director and consultant in both sales and marketing. She is a prolific writer and an accomplished public speaker. Recently she has had a global focus on healthcare transformation and relevant technology, including analytics and big data. She...

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