7 key considerations for a successful PIM initiative

by Vivek Bhatnagar on 6th November 2017

Challenges caused by bad product data

Effective management of Product Information or PIM is one area of Enterprise Information Management that can make a real difference to the bottom-line of a company. It should absolutely be part of any digital transformation initiative and is particularly important for companies with tangible products.  A good PIM solution can help address a large number of business issues caused by bad product data and the manual processes often used to manage it including:

Core features and business benefits of PIM

There are a number of vendors in the PIM space including Informatica, Riversand, Stibo and many others but the general approach and benefits are similar. An effective, well-implemented PIM technology system, supported by the right people and processes can bring about significant benefits, not limited to:

Rich product data

Supplier and product data on-boarding

Product data management

Data quality and business process management


7 key considerations for a PIM initiative

So what do you need to think about in order to make your PIM implementation a success? Here at VIQTOR DAVIS we have been involved in multiple Enterprise Information Management projects including PIM. Here are our top 7 things to ask and look at in order to have a successful project that will optimise the benefits of PIM for your organisation:

Questions to ask:

Things to do:

PIM ensures consistency, accuracy, and completeness of your product information and media assets to be delivered across multiple channels as quickly as possible which in turn enables faster time to market and streamlined new product launches.

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