VIQTOR DAVIS launches its “Together in Diversity” campaign

by Lewis Hudson on 08 March, 2019

No two people are the same, and that also applies to our colleagues at VIQTOR DAVIS, or as we call them “Data Changemakers”. We are passionate about the value that diversity brings to our organisation and we want everyone to be able to develop their talents and continue to...

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Data changemakers: Kate Tickner, EMEA Alliances Lead, Reltio

by Guy Bradshaw on 08 March, 2019

In this interview Kate Tickner, EMEA Alliances Lead at Reltio, talks about her experiences over 20 years in a variety of sales and marketing roles across all aspects of the data management industry, and discusses the importance of diversity in tech. Can you start of telling me something about...

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Six reasons why data management projects often struggle to get off the ground

by Tim Williams on 11 February, 2019

We know that data management is one of the biggest challenges that IT directors face. Almost all organisations now understand that data management can’t be ignored. The regulatory environment in which we now operate requires it. Safeguarding your data against breaches is absolutely critical. Consumer concern about privacy and...

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Using machine learning to improve data matching accuracy in the public sector

by Guy Bradshaw on 15 December, 2018

At Entity we’re currently working together with IBM on an innovative new project to explore how machine learning can be used to improve the efficiency of MDM data matching and manual task resolution. A key function of MDM systems is to identify duplicate data across multiple systems, using matching algorithms. When...

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Shopping for data

by Ivo-Paul Tummers on 16 November, 2018

We live in an age where it seems as though there are endless possibilities for new insights, trends and uses of data. In this new era, decision-making rests even more on information. But many organisations still face significant challenges when it comes to digital transformation. The word ‘connectedness’ has...

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Blockchain and distributed ledgers

by Rob Guikers on 30 October, 2018

When you order a product from China you start a complex system. Before there is a new vacuum cleaner on your doorstep, there are sometimes dozens of logistics partners who each own your order for a short time. These parties must keep a complete paper trail for checking afterwards....

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Data changemakers: Roberto Maranca, Data Excellence VP at Schneider Electric

by Guy Bradshaw on 14 October, 2018

Roberto Maranca is Data Excellence VP at Schneider Electric. A highly-accomplished senior business leader with a wealth of experience across B2B, financial services, banking, and global corporate sectors, he is a committed data management evangelist. In this interview he talks about the importance of the CDO role, why data governance is...

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From physical logistics to data logistics

by Ivo-Paul Tummers on 12 October, 2018

This was the year of the bankrupt chain stores. But there are of course more business models that are under serious pressure, with a recently poor harvest. We can no longer protect the old, but we must embrace the new. In the last years I have been involved in...

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