Advisory services

Advisory services

We’ve been in the data management business for more than 30 years now. During that time we’ve worked across many different industries and solved a wide variety of business problems for our clients. Although each client’s situation is unique, it’s true to say that we encounter a similar set of challenges again and again.

To make digital transformation and digital agility a reality, you need to treat your organisation’s data as a strategic asset. Our years of experience have enabled us to develop a cross-domain implementation framework that will help you meet this challenge. We have called this the Data Delta method and it underpins everything we do as an organisation.

VIQTOR DAVIS’s advisory services include:

  • Information management strategy
  • Data governance strategy and implementation
  • Information architecture review and development
  • Business case and ROI development
  • Data quality and data assurance review and strategy

How does it work?

Our advisory group helps clients build a roadmap for achieving their business goals. We start each engagement with a workshop to discuss how to approach their organisational challenges and relate these to the data they hold and the value it can drive for them.

Digital transformation within most organisations is a balance between improvement and innovation on one side versus opportunity and obligation on the other. Our role is to help clients find that balance and to deliver something valuable within a reasonable time frame.


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